New Book Launched! “A Ketgenic Diet”


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Hello! I just want to update with you guys.

This is my new book, it calls A Ketogenic Diet: A Complete Guide to Understand and Learn How A Low Carb Diet Helps You Lose Weight, Blast Away Belly Fat, Beat Diseases, Get Better Health, Reach Goals, and Change Your Life) ”

Have you tried losing your weight but not succeed?
Did you try weight loss medications and you got yoyo effect afterward?
Did you lose weight by not eating anything and end up eating more?

If the answers are YES, then this book is the solution for you.


>> Read Here <<

What you will discover from this Ketogenic Diet book:

• What is the ketogenic diet?

• Purpose of the ketogenic diet

• How long should one be on the ketogenic diet?

• Health benefits and expectations for the ketogenic diet

• Foods both good and restricted on the diet

• Limits and risks to the ketogenic diet

• Losing weight on the ketogenic diet

• Targets and goals

• Keto meal plan guidelines (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Desserts, Beverages)

• Exercise tips

• Maintaining your weight on the ketogenic diet

• Ketogenic myths

• Helpful tips and secrets to success on the ketogenic diet

• And Much Much More!



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